Only If Schools Could Ring the Cashless Bell

Laundry, aliment acquaint to my baker on advantageous aliment options for my little girl, Kaira, affairs for her altogether next week, etc, etc. Phew!! the account is endless. I was still on bed counting my affairs for the day, if my buzz buzzed,

“Last day of fee transaction is November 4. Any adjournment will aftereffect in added charges”.

A bead trickled down the window area into my cup of Sunday coffee and I looked out into the sky, apprehensive how I would administer this time. The endure two months had my name in the defaulters account and my babe active beneath the blackmail of accident her school. She aswell absent out on an educational cruise planned for her batch, accustomed a adjournment at our end in authoritative the accordant payments. Brave and compassionate as she is, I was afraid to not accept a individual anger from her end but her black face did bother me. She already told me innocently,

“Mumma, I adulation my academy and accompany a lot. You affiance me that I will not accept to leave them ever,” and all I had was a bendable smile to affluence her worries.

We had been aggravating to accomplish ends accommodated anytime aback Kaira’s dad absent his job to layoffs in the E-Commerce sector. I was advantageous to accept survived its acrimony but we did see a low down from our accepted life. While added things could be dealt with, the aerial bookish fees was a huge affair not to overlook the added essentials such as co-curricular, alternate bloom check-ups, etc.

Shrouding the thoughts beneath the bendable application of the sun analytical out from the clouds, I took Kaira in my accoutrements and aside in her ears,

“This time Mumma will not fail, baby. You shall accept your dreams arise high”.

I skimmed through my accounts, accretion up every penny we had so as to administer her fees, this time on time. I wondered if there was an EMI advantage for this, activity could get so abundant simpler. Regular account installments and I could advance in the money appear added necessities, including an Art chic for Kaira. Her sketches are to die for.

Wait! what am I thinking; bedlam at my baby cocky I put my arch aback in documents, addition out my savings.

While accepting the money in abode was a affair what afraid me was the actuality that I would accept to yield a day off or blitz in amid alleviation break to abide the aforementioned at her school. While her dad was aimlessly accessory to his freelance projects I was close abysmal in plan strategizing the success of an advancing business campaign, a absolute agency in my accessible appraisals.

And, if this was not abundant of a pain, the continued queues at the counters and hour-long waits were abiding to not get over in the acrimonious time I had in hand. Also, I would charge a day off to accompany my babe to the clinic, which lay at the added bend of the city, for all-important vaccines. My forehead now had audible curve of accent as I helplessly approved chalking out a way to get things moving.

Scribbling on paper, addition a way through the maze, my business accuracy anticipation of how difficult could it be to accept something like a Academy Agenda agnate to accepting acclaim or debit cards. For instance, cashless transaction of all academy needs with all that institutions charge to do is affair cards to their vendors and administering and parents could just ensure the agenda had money.

Ahh! I can be absolute crazy at times…

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